biofilm formation

Cellix Webinar: Kima Pump Applications

The Kima Pump is a simple to use, iPod Touch controlled microfluidic pump for life science applications including: aiding cell culture (e.g. endothelial cells) under physiological conditions (shear flow) in biochips and flow/perfusion chambers; biofilm culture; investigation of nanoparticle uptake in cells; electrophysiology experiments and long-term microfluidic toxicology studies. This webinar shows the application of endothelial cell culture in Cellix's Vena8 Endothelial+ biochips; biofilm culture in Cellix's Vena8 Fluoro+ biochips and investigation of nanoparticle uptake in endothelial cells in Cellix's biochips. The Kima pump is controlled by the iKima Application for use with the iPod Touch and iPhone. The Kima pump is placed inside a standard incubator while the iPod Touch or iPhone, as it's controller, sits on the Universal dock outside the incubator. The Kima pump connects easily to Cellix's Vena biochip range and other manufacturer's flow chambers via fully autoclaveable tubi...