Cellix offers OEM services relating to a range of microfluidic pumping solutions.  We have unique knowledge and expertise in the development of nano/micro fluidic subsystems with different mechanisms of action (pressure based, positive displacement, syringe based).  We have solutions enabling multiple (2-channel, 4-channel, 8-channel etc.) and independent flow control.  We have developed assays enabling precise, stable, non-pulsatile (pulse-free) flow profiles and those that allow ramp, step, sine.

Flow control can be integrated with PC or tablet devices (e.g. iPad, iPad Mini or Android format).  

For pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and life science tool companies; we can provide expertise on a range of cell-based assay applications and cell samples.  We have worked with whole blood (typical viscous sample), PRP, cell suspensions, adherent and non-adherent cell types; ligands, proteins, buffers, reagents, culture media and a host of other samples which puts us in a unique situation when it comes to developing solutions for new products.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, please email us.