Kima - iPod Touch Microfluidic Pump

The Kima™ pump is a microfluidic recirculating pump controlled by an iPod Touch.


  • Fits inside standard CO2 incubators - maintaining temperature and humidity.
  • Periodic perfusion pump to support cell culture in an incubator.
  • Wash mode or pump mode.
  • Dead volume:  < 300µL
  • Includes iPod Touch which can control up to 4 pump modules independently.
  • Wi-Fi communication.
  • Includes tubing kit for Vena8 biochips or alternative tubing kits for connection to any microfluidic biochip.
Applications:  Biofilm studies; cell culture in biochips with adherent cells (HUVECs), stem cells, HepG2 cells.
Please Note: the Kima pump is not suitable for shear stressed based assays because the pump delivers liquid in pulses (not continuous flow)

iPod Touch App for Kima pump showing Perfusion setting.