4U: 4-channel pump

The 4U™ is a 4-channel precision, microfluidic pressure pump for a variety of microfluidic applications, where accurate and stable flow rate delivery is required. The pressure pump component is based on controlled air injection. SmartFlo Application executed on the iPad mini or LabView based interface communicates with the 4 separate channels of the 4U pump allowing simultaneous control and independent programming of each pump’s flow profile. Note: it is compulsory to purchase four flow sensors with the 4U microfluidic pump.


  • 2 modes of pumping: manual flow rate set or preprogrammed flow rate operation.
  • Preprogrammed mode includes: Constant, Ramp, Step, Sine function.
  • Wi-Fi communication with iPad mini software.
  • USB communication with LabView based PC control software.
  • Tactile power switch.
  • Volumetric flow rates: 1 µL/min – 1 mL/min.