Cellix offers precision microfluidic pumps for a wide range of applications.  Key features include:

  • Pulse free syringe pumps - unlike standard syinge pumps where pulsing or jerking motion can be seen particularly with microfluidic biochips.
  • Single and multichannel control.
  • Multiple independent channel pumping.
  • Patented active flow control for accurate sample delivery.
  • Simple, ease-to-use control via iPad mini, iPod Touch, PC.
  • Ideal for microfluidics, shear stress, precision mixing and cell culture studies.

Microfluidic Pumps

ExiGo Manifold 2

The ExiGo™ Manifold is a specialised microfluidic channel selector designed to work with an ExiGo™...

4 ExiGo Pumps controlled by iPad mini.  Each pump may be purchased separately.  Flow sensors may be purchased separately.

The ExiGo™ pump is a microfluidic syringe pump controlled by an iPad mini or LabVIEW interface.

UniGo With PCB1_small (1)

The UniGo™ Microfluidic Pump is a precision, microfluidic, single-channel pressure pump for a...


The 4U™ is a 4-channel precision, microfluidic pressure pump for a variety of microfluidic...


The Kima™ pump is a microfluidic recirculating pump controlled by an iPod Touch.


The Mirus™ Evo Nanopump is a microfluidic syringe pump PC controlled via VenaFluxAssay Software.

Flow sensors connected to ExiGoTM Microfluidic Pumps

Flow sensors for Cellix's microfluidic pumps enable active feedback and PID control. Ideal for...