The DropChip is ideal for droplet generation applications. Compatible with ExiGo microfluidic pump.

The DropChip™ is ideal for droplet generation applications.  Compatible with the ExiGo microfluidic pump.


  • Reusable plastic biochips contain 3 "droplet generators" and one "splitter" (Y-junction channel) for splitting the continuous phase (oil or water).
  • Fluidic ports allow the user to plug directly a 25 Gauge needle into the inlet without using any additional glue or connector.  Suitable tubing sets can be purchased directly from Cellix.
  • Frequency and size of the droplets can vary depending on several factors:  channel dimensions; flow rates; oil type; surfactant type and surfactant concentration.

Applications:  For high throughput generation or microdroplets and monodispersed emulsions.