cell rolling, adhesion and migration

Vena8 Endothelial+ Biochip Tutorial

Vena8 Endothelial+ biochip protocol. Tutorial illustrates coating of biochip with adhesion molecule (laminin) to promote endothelial cell seeding and culture. Tutorial illustrates assay with cell suspension (e.g. T-cell, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, PBMCs, platelets, whole blood etc.) and analysis of data. Quantitate data outputs include IC50 curves of cell-cell adhesion vs. shear flow rate (mimicking in vivo arterial/venous/capillary flow); morphology analysis of cell adhesion and migration; tracking of flowing, rolling and migrating cells. Ideal for functional cell-based assays for cell-ligand and cell-cell interactions; preclniical drug development and lead optimization. *** NO AUDIO ***

VenaT4 Biochip: Chemotaxis, Transmigration and Invasion Assays

*** NO AUDIO *** The VenaT4™ biochip is the only biochip available for studying chemotaxis and transmigration and is Cellix\'s answer to the transwell chambers. The biochips contain 4 microcapillaries in parallel, each with an embedded microporous membrane with pores of 2-10um diameter (depending on application). Underneath each membrane is a microwell. See image above. The microcapillaries of the VenaT4TM biochips are easily coated with ECM proteins using a standard yellow-tip pipette, giving the researcher greater flexibility. The VenaT4TM biochip is suitable for the following assays: Chemotaxis Assays: Cells flowing through the microcapillary of the biochip may attach to the protein coated membrane and migrate towards the chemokine in the underlying microwell. Transmigration Assays: Cells flowing through the microcapillary of the biochip may attach to the cell monolayer on the membrane and transmigrate through the cell monolayer and membrane towards the chemokine in the underlying m...

iPod Touch Kima Pump for Biofilm Culture studies

**NO AUDIO WITH THIS VIDEO** The Kima Pump is a simple to use, iPod Touch controlled microfluidic pump for life science applications including: aiding cell culture (e.g. endothelial cells) under physiological conditions (shear flow) in biochips and flow/perfusion chambers; electrophysiology experiments; biofilm culture; investigation of nanoparticle uptake in cells and long-term microfluidic toxicology studies. This movie shows the application of iPod Touch controlled Kima pump for biofilm culture studies. The Kima pump connects easily to Cellix\'s biochips and other manufacturer\'s flow chambers via fully autoclaveable tubing. The iKima App will shortly be available for download from Apple\'s iTunes Store.